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F^*K IT!

April 30, 2008


Heh.  Shamelessly stolen from The Geek.  Who probably shamelessly stole it from someone else…


Thought For The Day

April 30, 2008

How come we choose from just two people to run for
president and over fifty for Miss America ?

And Gun Control Is The Answer?

April 30, 2008

Kevin, at The Smallest Minority has an article with references to some interesting studies/statistics on homicide rates and gun control.

An excerpt: “Kennedy’s research team unpacked what he calls typical trends: They identified 69 distinct street groups, comprising about 1,000 people. Of the 89 homicides, these 1,000 people – less than half a per cent of the city’s population – were connected to more than 75 per cent of them.”

Wow.  Just Wow.

And another:

According to the CDC’s data:

2005 – Total population 296,507,061
Black males 10-34 years old 7,763,680, or 2.62% of the population.
Homicides (all) – 10,438
Black males 10-34 – 5,181,

2.62% of the population, 49.6% of the victims…

Wow.  Again.  Go read the whole thing here.

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Today’s Public Service Announcement

April 30, 2008

Man, this thing is cool, and wayyy overdue.  Just type in the country you are traveling to, click on the currency you want it measured in, and it will tell you the average price of a pint of lager in the major cities there.  click the pic for the website.



Except, I don’t know how this can be right:

Price of a pint in Cleveland Ohio $8.67 USD

Price of  pint in NYC $5.48 USD

I can’t believe a pint is over $3.00 more in Cleveland than in NYFC!


And this actually came up in the search for United States prices:

Joe’s House $0 USD

Now that’s a Buddy!  No wonder he never invites me over anymore.


And finally, this weekend I am moving to Thimphu, Bhutan!

pint 2

Anyone know what language they speak there?

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Why We Win

April 29, 2008

From Fox News:


“Several hundred U.S. Marines engaged in a dramatic firefight Tuesday with an army of rebels in a Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan.  The battle against insurgents came during the first large-scale American operation in the area in years.”

But on the initial assault, Moder said his men were prepared to face mines and homemade bombs and “anybody that wants to fight us.” – Capt. John Moder, USMC

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Supreme Court Upholds Indiana Voter Photo ID

April 28, 2008

From John Lott’s website:

The law “is amply justified by the valid interest in protecting ‘the integrity and reliability of the electoral process,'” Justice John Paul Stevens said in an opinion that was joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy. Stevens was a dissenter in Bush v. Gore in 2000. . . .

I wonder how many Republican-led legislatures will now rush to enact voter-I.D. laws before this coming November?  If the numbers that have been thrown around about illegal aliens and dead people voting in past elections (mostly alleged to have voted for democratic candidates) are true, this could literally change the outcome of the presidential election – not to mention many senate and house races…

It’s gonna be an interesting 6 months…

Get Your Damn Paws Off Me!

April 28, 2008



This should scare the hell out of you!  This Orangutan was recently photographed on Borneo using a stick to spear-fish for his dinner!  Man we all know what follows that sure as night follows day and gas follows beans!


Pretty soon we’re gonna have a bunch of damn dirty apes running around on horses giving out free lobotomies and herding us into wooden cages, spraying us with fire hoses and leading us around with leashes!

-taylor_cage_apes POTA68-trial

We’ll have to escape into the Forbidden Zone and live in a freakin’ abandoned subway.

The good news is that New York will be under water and the women won’t be able to talk….

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"I don’t respond well to spooky behavior…"

April 28, 2008

OMG.  Christopher Walken scares me a little.  A whole room full of him is terrifying!


I couldn’t get the video to embed, so click the link below to see it…Heh.

Christopher Walken has a family Reunion

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Semi-Fully Automatic…

April 28, 2008


“Many times they’re outgunned, to be very frank,” Daley said at an event in the Englewood neighborhood. “When they come to a scene, someone has a semi fully-automatic weapon and you have a little pistol, uh, good luck.”

That’s Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago.  Read the whole article here.

Do these morons even know how frickin’ stupid they sound when the open their pie-holes?  Semi-Fully Automatic?!?!?!  I guess I’ll take one of those 50-round “clips” for my auto-revolver and some armor piercing birdshot for my .22 caliber shotgun…Dumbass.

Fox Asks: "Was This A Nuclear Reactor?"

April 24, 2008

Click the pic for full story


I say the point is moot.  It could have been a cotton candy factory for all we know, but it is no longer there because Israeli warplanes turned it into a parking lot on Sept. 6, 2007.  So why speculate?

I would only add that I don’t think the Israelis would waste their time and risk lives to bomb a cotton candy factory.  So there you go.

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