Heller Decision Today?

The U.S. Supreme Court may rule today on the Washington DC gun ban.  But of course, something much larger than just DC’s law is at stake…

From WTOP News: “The crux of the argument is to focus on whether the Second Amendment guarantees the individual right to bear arms or protects the right of states to maintain militias.”

I was gonna rant on about this, but this cartoon says it all about the left’s (and DC’s) rationale on this issue:


Stay tuned for updates…The SC usually starts issuing rulings at 10:00am eastern time…

Update:  Kevin says no announcement until at least Wednesday, and possibly Thursday.  Bummer…

Update 2:  Looks like Brent over at The Ready Line was kind enough to give me some linkery…Cross your fingers for tomorrow.


One Response to “Heller Decision Today?”

  1. Brent G Says:

    Curtis, glad to point folks to your journal. Drop me an email when you have a chance.

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