M1A Disassembly Pictorial…

Updated to a newer and cooler pictorial, as I guess the old link was 86’d…

Pretty cool pictorial instruction on how to field-strip the M-14/M1A.

Just in case you need it.  Click the Pic.

Don’t say I never gave you anything…

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16 Responses to “M1A Disassembly Pictorial…”

  1. Jim Ring Says:

    thanks for this Very cool

  2. Rusty Says:

    Thanks for your excellent look at the m1a; it almost makes me want to buy the additional tools I really need to take it apart and keep it clean. Sounds like Fultons is a good place to start/shop.

  3. Mungo Says:

    Sweet PDF. Thank you kindly.


    I have a M1A super match, and want o install a harris bipod. However, the rifle is glasbeded from Sprinfield Armory. What cautions should i take and or know about prior to dissasembly?

    • curtislowe Says:

      You should not have to disassemble the rifle in order to install a Harris bipod. the front sling swivel should unscrew and the bipod attaches (screws in) at that point (where the sling swivel used to be).

      for cleaning, you can remove the trigger group and bolt/spring from the stock without removing the barrel.


    Thank you sir, for the advise and or info. However, The front mfg sling swivel from Springfield Armory looks to be a rivet not a screw. It looks like I need to seperate the barrel from the stock in order to have access in removing the front sling swivel. Unless this is a screw with a plain head and not a phillips head and or a flat blade head. I need to remove it from the inside of the stock or break the rivet off the stock?

    • curtislowe Says:

      I would not break it. You can access it from inside the stock, but I would be very careful in removing a glass-bedded barrel. I know some guys will tell you it’s OK, but it might be something worth paying a few dollars to a gunsmith to do, especially on a super match rifle.

  6. Evan Says:

    Nice PDF, I’ve got a quick question how do you disassemble the bridge piece that’s halfway down te barrel that separates the barrel and gas piston tube? I’m trying to mount my receiver in a sage ebr stock but it requires that piece to be replaced by a larger block.

  7. Dave Says:

    I recently acquired a Winchester M14/M1A. Shoots like a dream, but I have run into a problem stripping it down to clean it. Every thing I have seen on disassembly shows the operating rod lifting out of a cutout in the rail. Mine does not have this and actually has a thin rail attached just outside of the operating rod which looks like has to be removed prior to removing the operating rod. Any thoughts?

  8. Bob Ackman Says:

    To mount a scope does the stripper clip guide have to be removed and if so how is this done.
    Thanks for help and information

    Bob Ackman

    • curtislowe Says:

      No, usually you either mount a “scout-scope” type optic far enough forward that the stripper clip guide is not in the way (like in the picture in the post), or use a rifle scope with “standard” eye-relief and tall enough scope rings with high enough clearance that the rear of the scope clears the stripper clip guide.

  9. Alan Says:

    couldn’t get the M14 pictorial to download. Would you please send it to me or a link to it. thanks.


  10. Alan Says:

    The link to the m14 disassembly doesn’t work for me. Is there another way to get to it? Thanks.


  11. L. Coleman Says:

    Thank you for the dissasembly tutorial . . . I have missed the old “Surplus Rifle” tutorial site but find yours in this respect to be superior . . . question: I have a Springfield Armory M1A manufactured in mid 90’s with an original GI stock with cutout for selector, found a stock that appears to be correct without cutout but am having quite a bit of problem mounting to rifle . . . had to releave the right side to accomodate the locking pin for the op rod spring and other minor alterations to fit an aftermarket rubber but pad . . . problem now is that legs of receiver will not slip into or mate with the stock metal frame to allow me to lock up with the trigger housing . . . I don’t want to “force” assembly . . . any suggestions?

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