We Stand Alone

In the place that was once Great Britain, they turned out the lights on democracy, liberty and sovereignty yesterday.

The president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, has signed the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, the final step in the charter’s ratification..

From The Sun: Britain betrayed as hated EU treaty becomes law

President Klaus held out against signing up for almost two years.  But he was left with no choice after the Czech constitutional court threw out a complaint by senators who believe the treaty will destroy the nation’s sovereignty.  Klaus echoed the fears of many Britons after signing through gritted teeth.  He said in Prague: “With the Lisbon Treaty taking effect, the Czech Republic will cease to be a sovereign state.”  And so will every other state in the EU.  They were already on the slippery slope…this is just the final push.

The treaty will trigger a massive shift of power to Brussels. It will mean:

EU judges deciding some of Britain’s criminal laws.

A POWERFUL new Euro president, foreign policy supremo and diplomatic service.

UNIONS able to strike more easily under the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which could take us back to the dark days of 1970s industrial strife.

NATIONAL vetoes being dumped in 16 key areas including transport, home affairs and energy policy.

GREATER EU control over immigration and asylum seekers, including benefit entitlements.

In the treaty’s small print, national leaders are given the right to cede even MORE power to Europe without having to ask voters.

The Czech Republic was the last of the EU’s 27 members to ratify the treaty, which instates an EU president and a “foreign policy chief.”  Advocates say this will raise the EU’s standing in the world. Critics say it relinquishes sovereignty to Brussels.  The treaty could be in force as early as December.


From The Times Online: Europe’s elite celebrated the imminent arrival of its first president last night as the last lingering resistance to the Lisbon treaty fell away with the stroke of a pen in Prague.

Any time the “Elite” celebrate anything having to do with the issues of politics, power or sovereignty, you can bet it ain’t good for the little guy…


Washington. The Lisbon Treaty, which is expected to come into force on December 1, will make the European Union stronger. This is what German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in his statement before the U.S. Congress, RIA Novosti informed.  “The last signature has been put. Thus the Union will become stronger and more active and will be stronger and more reliable partner of the U.S.,” Merkel said.


From the BBC: So ends an eight-year journey. The treaty started life as a constitution but it was rejected by the French and Dutch. It was re-born as a treaty although it was largely the same document. It had been shorn of some references that implied Europe was growing closer to being a federal state.

The British government, who promised the people a vote, changed its mind. The treaty was described as a technical change that did not require a referendum. All the indications were that the British people wanted their say and most likely would have rejected the treaty.

The Irish were the last to vote a few weeks ago. They had earlier voted ‘no’ but fears about the economy persuaded them to change their minds.


I received this two-volume set as a birthday present a few months back.  I think his title says it all.

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One Response to “We Stand Alone”

  1. T.S. Nunya Says:

    It’s kind of funny reading those quotes in British papers when the British government had already sold them down the river. Pinning their hopes on a foreign nation’s decisions indicates that democracy had already failed at home. It also begs the question, if British sovereignty depends on political maneuvering in the Czech Republic, haven’t the Brits already lost that sovereignty?

    At the same time, this might not be as dire a situation as some make it out to be. A lot of people were making the same arguments in the late 1780s in the United States. Check out “The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates” (also available on Amazon).

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