Wow, Just Wow.

So now the military assumes – and announces – that if you do not volunteer to subject yourself to their “registration” of your personal weapons, you are a terrorist.

Picture of a sign taken at Ft. Benning:


Click for source.

So much for that American warrior culture where every military man was expected to be armed at all times and proficient with their weapons.

Now, Gun Owner = Terrorist.

There was a time in this country when an NCO who went about unarmed ANYWHERE, was out of uniform.  Now he’s a terrorist.

Look at the bright side though…we are lucky, historically-speaking.  We are getting to witness exactly what happened to the Roman empire.  In real-time, 3-D, film at 11, and online.

God help us.

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35 Responses to “Wow, Just Wow.”

  1. steve Says:

    What a load of unmitigated bullshit. Free men don’t register their weapons, they keep them handy to shoot would-be terrorists and gun confiscators.

  2. Joe Adams Says:

    Apparently I too am a terrorist. Well I’ve been called worse by army pukes.

  3. Michael Z. Williamson Says:

    It’s worse some places than others. I skipped a re-enactment held on a military owned campsite because the site manager wanted me to “register sales” of swords and knives to my customers.

    How the hell do I “register” a sword or knife? When I plan to sell several hundred?

    When I called, she said, “The same way they register guns, I assume.”

    The assumptions here were:

    Guns are registered (this was in KY…no, they’re not).

    There’s a standard form for registering them that everyone should be familiar with, even though this woman clearly was not.

    That she had the authority to add other objects to this registry because she managed a campsite.

    That “registering” them would accomplish something, somehow.

    That I was responsible for doing this.

    That I had nothing better to do with my time.

    Fort Knox’s Provost Marshall was a civilian GS15, who apologized, said it was clearly stupid, but the campsite was not something he could make policy for, only respond if they had problems.

    The Army’s been especially bad for this–the general in charge of US Army, Alaska prohibited concealed carry a few years back–off base, off duty, out of uniform, for “Safety.” Yes, a trained soldier with a gun is “unsafe” if he has a gun.


    So, every potential terrorist would only have to follow a car leaving base, in order to know the occupants were unarmed, and potentially valuable. Brilliant.

    And Fort Drum has a reg prohibiting “breaking and entering tools” in one’s living quarters or vehicles…to include pry bars, large screwdrivers, e-tools, bolt cutters–all the stuff a well-prepared individual carries for emergencies.

    Truly, this is the decline and fall of our nation.

  4. James R. Rummel Says:

    Good post.

  5. suek Says:

    We were at Lackland Air Base for Thanksgiving, visiting family. They had a similar sort of announcement sign at the gate…something to the effect of “all weapons must be registered” or “no weapons allowed”…I don’t remember exactly, but it was similar to the signs that state that all vehicles are subject to search while on base.
    We live close to a naval base. They have the subject to search sign, nothing about weapons.


  6. theotherryan Says:

    Think I know where that sign is located. I saw it about every other day and just shook my head.

  7. Citzen K Says:

    Great post. Liken this to the decline and fall of the UK as a free nation. Do we actually believe that some fat-assed bureaucrat knows better than we how to live our lives? Mark these happenings as milestones that will be pointed at in the future as ‘see, the Military’s been doing this for years’ excuses to rob us of more of our civil rights. Dark times ahead, I tell ‘ya.

  8. Hill Says:

    im gunna just second the “WOW”, anything else is wasted rederic,

  9. Daniel Hilfiker Says:

    Rebuttal: Nazis required gun registration…Are you a Nazi?

  10. barbedwiresmile Says:

    This is so typical a “government” ‘solution’. Ineffective. Intrusive. Insulting to those who volunteer to fight for our country. And, at its most basic level: insulting to our intelligence.

    In short, this should be no surprise coming from our Overlords in “government”, of which the DOD is simply an appendage.

  11. shall not be infringed Says:

    “From my cold dead hands!” Chuck Heston

    The 2010 election season should be interesting; will the elections actually be held or will some “event” or “emergency” cancel it? This group seems to have no regard whatsoever for the voters’ views on issues, just prior to elections this seems to shout they do not care about the elections either. Power is everything to these boobs and they seem nonchalant about possibly losing it. Think about it.

  12. Sigma 40F Says:

    Until there is a reverse PUSH in this country to re-embrace the Constitutional values then we’ll continue to to spirial downward. I pray we’ll be able to recover once we hit the real bottom.

  13. Jeffersonian Says:

  14. mindy1 Says:

    Is there a petition to stop it?

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  16. Mark Says:

    With the millions upon millions of guns in the U.S.A. right now. Any attempt to register them all is a joke. Many (growing every day) Americans have become fully aware of the traitorous actions in Washington and New York. If everyone would dig deep enough, the truth about just “who” is running the show would become perfectly clear.

    911, Homeland Security, The Patriot Act, NAFTA, bailouts, the list just keeps on going; we are being lied to and robbed blind while God and the Constitution are being subverted. I wonder what group of people benefit the most from all this? (Hint, hint, it’s not Muslims) Once God fearing Americans figure this out, then we can rid ourselves of this pestilence forever.

    A quick note to the pukes in Washington – if you come for my guns, they will be in use.

  17. mildlyamusingrants Says:

    Completely redonkulous. Forwarding to friends and family . . .

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  19. Chuck Teal Says:

    Is this poster an official government edict? I couln’t make out any accreditations or logos. Looks like somthing an individual idiot thought up. Nevertheless, it reflects the dearth of knowledge about our system of government that is being passed on. Ken Ham once said it only takes one generation [of not passing on our historical Judeo-Christian valued] to create a race of savages. I’d say that in this case, it would produce a society of complete idiot slaves.

  20. Richard R Harris Says:

    Lets see. Approximately 300,000,000 firearms in private ownership in the U.S. No serial numbers required until 1968. Wonder where they all are.

    Uncle Sam doesn’t know. Are you going to tell him?

    They can only take what you give them. Trust in God, be prepared & keep your powder dry!

  21. Michael Z. Williamson Says:

    I have no firearms. They were lost in a tragic boating accident.

  22. Bubba Says:

    I lost my 12 GA Wingmaster and 20 GA 870 in a duck hunting mishap. They are forever lost at the bottom of……lake………lake….oh my, I forgot the name of the lake where they fell overboard.

  23. jamsim67 Says:

    We are not only going to witness history in the making, we are going to write it.

    Never give in!

  24. Mayberry Says:

    I got just two words: Molon Labe….

  25. Doc Franklin Says:

    Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who do not! So now, those who defend themselves are all terrorists…….So that’s what the big “O” (zero) means by his war on terror!

  26. HAE Says:

    They’ll pry them from my cold DEAD HANDS !!!!!!!

    The Second Amendment is the SUPREME LAW

    “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms,
    shall not be infringed.”

    US WHAT TO DO !!! Keep Your effin noses OUT
    OF OUR BUSINESS and we’ll keep our noses out
    of YOURS!

  27. CJ Says:

    Classify me a terrorist many times over!

  28. Tim Bergman Says:

    So they want us to register our weapons. Well that will have to include every fork, butter knife, table leg, pen, pencil, electrical cord, ruler and any other thing that has been used to inflict injury on another living being.

    As an ER Nurse/paramedic I see far many more deadly assaults with these type of weapons than I do with guns and they are far more common. If you ask a person who wants gun control if gun control is really about control of guns, or just control in general and then use that as an example they usually don’t have a good answer for you. I know not anyone has come up with one for me.

  29. Doug Says:

    HAE, You say for the governmnet to keep out of our business and we will stay out of theirs. THAT is the problem! THEY WORK FOR US!! It is OUR responsibility to keep a handle on those Law makers.

  30. Mike43 Says:

    We did this when I was a company commander in the ’90’s. But it was a local list meaning that I maintained it. If the weapon was in the barracks, it had to be in the unit arms room. On post housing or off post registered with the company commander.

    The list just sat in a file, but it was useful for stolen property claims.

    • Rick Murray Says:

      My dad retired a Col., USA and was a true shooting enthusiast. He had an assortment of weapons of all sorts. It was common policy on posts to require registration of firearms with the Provost Marshal. Dad knew of cases where people had their homes broken into and only the most valuable weapons were taken. Sort of like the thieves knew ahead of time what to look for. So, he didn’t register his or perhaps only a low value piece. It’s best to keep a real low profile with your weapons so you’ll have them when you need them. I don’t own any guns. Guns are evil, don’t you know.

  31. Big H Says:

    We are slowly loosing our rights because of these idiots in office.What about all the illegals,nothing said about that.

  32. Michael Z. Williamson Says:

    When I was active duty in the 80s, barracks residents had to keep them in the arms room. Most did– a few discreetly kept carry pistols in their vehicles/rooms, but they were generally NCOs and mature.

    Housing had no restrictions.

    And no one suggested we were “terrorists.”

  33. conservativecoastie22 Says:

    there is no need for a career politician/s, period.

  34. Bubba (Texas) Says:

    We are repeating the tyrannical history of the 1930’s. The German government required registration of weapons, then went to the people’s homes and took away all of their weapons. It was after that that the people were “terrorized” by the Nazi government. Attorney General Eric Holder was picked by Obama as his top cop, but you know his purpose is to remove all weapons from all American citizens by any means, because, as you know, they are very dangerous. Guns kill!

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