Quote of The Day


“A Liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.” – G. Gordon Liddy


AP sources: Obama OKs taxing high-end health plans

In Obama Tax Plan, A Shift of Wealth From the Top Down

Obama’s budget quietly resurrects Death Tax in 2010

Obama’s Budget: Almost $1 Trillion in New Taxes Over Next 10 yrs

House Plans to Tax Millionaires to Fund Health Care

Climate Poker: Obama Offers $100 Billion Annual Wealth Transfer

Obama Wants Higher Capital Gains Tax Rate

PROMISES, PROMISES: Obama tax pledge up in smoke

Mean Street: Obama Taxing the “Wealthy,” Killing America

Obama’s Revenue Proposals Impact Private Investment Funds

Higher Tax Rates and Limitations on Deductions proposed by Obama Administration

Obama Backs Cadillac Tax

Poll: Voters Against Obama ‘Wealth Redistribution’ Plan

Obama’s deficit plan hikes tax on carried interest for VCs, hedge funds

Obama Seeks End of Corporate Tax Break to Raise $190 Billion



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