Wow – $200 per Second!

Would you pay $1,000 for a gun you could only use for 5 seconds?

From Robb Allen:

In response to someone who wrote him asking about barrel life, Robb wrote:

Maths are hard, but I did some basic calculations. Granted, muzzle velocity is not constant through a barrel, it’s kind of interesting to think of how long the bullet stays in contact with the metal.

Looking at standard .223 mv’s, considering a 20" barrel

3,200 fps = 38,400 inches per second. 20" of barrel contacts the metal for .00052083 seconds. 10,000 rounds = 5.2083 seconds.

I’m sure I forgot to carry the two somewhere, but that’s pretty damned interesting.

Never really looked at it that way…I guess that means I only have about 3 minutes worth of shooty goodness in my safe.  Kinda sad to think about…


2 Responses to “Wow – $200 per Second!”

  1. Ry Jones Says:

    well, I posted about it on the bus and he answered it. I didn’t really ask him 🙂

    What was funny is he’d answered it before my bus ride was over!

  2. T.S. Nunya Says:

    Sounds like my sex life.

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