Quote of The Day

From Geobent via KisP

“Last week due to record snow fall Washington DC shut down every federal office. Every city office closed for ten day, but a group of men who understand duty saw to it that they did not abandon their charge.

Who were they?  Look below the fold…

“The Tomb of the Unknowns was never unguarded.”

[Unknown Honor Guard[3].jpg]




2 Responses to “Quote of The Day”

  1. tjbbpgobIII Says:

    Shit, you have to know this was the case, I didn’t really have to cone to this page. If those guys marched through hurricaine like winds for the Uknowns then a little snow is just an annoyance. They may not be war fighters (although most probably were, I don’t know) but they are serious about their jobs.

    • curtislowe Says:

      Yep, even a Jarhead like me can admit his admiration and awe for guys like that, but I have some readers that aren’t military-savvy about stuff like this…

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