I said it before he was elected…

And I’m saying it again…

The scary thing about Obama being elected President is not what he will “accomplish” in his 4 years in office.  It is the far-reaching, long-lasting damage he will do to the country by his Supreme Court appointments.  First he gave us Sotomayer (WTF?!?!?) and now he is on deck again…

White House ‘Ready’ for Next High Court Nomination

The White House will "of course be ready" when the next seat opens up on the Supreme Court, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday, potentially setting up a tricky timetable for nominating and confirming a successor to Justice John Paul Stevens before the next term starts in October.

Stevens, who said in newspaper interviews published over the weekend that he "will surely" retire while President Obama is in office, is expected to make that announcement as early as this month.

As with the Sotomayor nomination, Obama’s new nominee wouldn’t be likely to tilt the ideological balance of the court, since Stevens is considered a liberal justice and Obama is highly unlikely to pick a conservative. But the nomination would probably have more of an impact on the operation of the court than last year’s did, because Stevens is the leader of the liberal wing. 

Interesting times, indeed.


One Response to “I said it before he was elected…”

  1. Tattoo Jim Says:

    Why am I thinking he might want a Black, female, lesbian, one eyed, Jewish, Arab American who’s also left handed??????

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