Pilot’s Post # 1,087

I took my daughter up flying for her first time yesterday.  The weather was awesome and the air was like glass.  We flew to a county airfield west of here and landed for lunch at the cafe.  It’s a popular weekend spot for pilots to get a $100 Hamburger.  She got to see an open-cockpit bi-plane up close and also watch it take off.

I have a buddy that just put his house and acreage up for sale, and he asked me to take some pictures from the air to post online.  My daughter was the photographer as I did a couple circles around his place.

If you look close, you can see his pickup truck in the circular drive in front of the house.  If you look even closer (or embiggen the picture), between the pickup and the barn you can see him flipping me off.

I shouldn’t have called ahead to let him know I was coming…




One Response to “Pilot’s Post # 1,087”

  1. SteveC Says:

    Send your buddy another picture: one showing your daughter taking aim at the rude guy on the ground with something other than a camera…

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