No good deed…

First: Apparently the propagandizing brainwashing campaigning never ends…

Google “Goldman Sachs SEC” and look at the first link that pops up.



Click that first link, and see where you go…


Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, Over?!?!?!

According to John Lott, whose website I took this from, “Apparently this link was working last Friday when the charges against Goldman Sachs were filed.  How was it possible for the Obama campaign to buy this space on Google without some heads up?”

Second: Now, according to teh iWon, Obama Says Regulation Bill Only Way to Prevent Market ‘Turmoil’.

Turmoil = Risk, as in risk-reward ratio.  Surely we cannot allow increased risk-taking to be rewarded by increased rewards (or increased losses).  That would be capitalism.  In a capitalist market, where folks are free to choose where they wish to stand on the risk-reward ratio calculation, the OPPORTUNITY to earn rewards (and losses) is equal for everyone, but the outcome is uncertain.

in Obama’s socialist mind, it is far more noble to ensure that the OUTCOME is equal for everyone – you know – “FAIR.”

This is the same mentality that demands “equality” for every class of people in every social contract.  Press them as to what, specifically, they mean by “equality” and their answer will always come back (in one form or another) as guaranteed equality of outcome, not guaranteed equality of opportunity. 

Lastly: Goldman Sachs employees gave just shy of a million dollars to the Obama campaign, ranking second in contributions. Citigroup and JPMorgan ranked sixth and seventh. Goldman Sachs gave Obama four times more than they gave McCain.

Add to that – the biggest private donor to President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration: Wall Street.

How’s all that hopeNchange you paid for workin’ out for ya boys and girls?


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One Response to “No good deed…”

  1. stevec Says:

    Curt, feel free to chime in over at that other site. There’s a thread there dealing with GS’s proclivities.

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