There is a first time for everything

You know, if you combine the Ruger MK-series (MK I, MK II and MKIII) it is probably one of the most-owned and most-shot handguns in the world.  Add to that group the Ruger 22/45 platform, and the numbers get even bigger.

Every new shooter that I have ever trained, including my wife and kids, has started on my stainless Ruger MK II with the 5” bull barrel.

They are relatively inexpensive guns, very rugged, easy to use and teach on, and you can shoot one all say long for under $10.  One of those and a Ruger 10/22 are all you need for an entire weekend of plinky goodness.

So why has it taken this freakin’ long for someone to come up with a decent, serviceable holster for them?

The wait is over.  Black Dog Machine out of Middleton, Idaho has them for sale.  My order went in today.


You’re welcome.  Hat tip to Unc who saw it first here.


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