Saturday Morning Flying

We finally had a break in the weather today.  I woke up to clear blue skies and about 50 degrees, no wind.  Took the drunk Brother-in-Law up for a flight this morning. We flew to a small county airport where they have good, cheap chow and awesome homemade pies, about 30 minutes from my home field.

We flew in the C-172 today


On the way,we overflew the zoo.  No animals out that I could see, but I tried to get the B-I-L to throw up by doing tight, almost 2-G steep turns around the zoo.


Surprisingly, he held on to his morning coffee, but he was a couple of shades lighter as we straightened out and continued on our way.

Had a nice uneventful flight, up at about 4500 feet we could see a long way with low humidity. 


We landed around 9:00 am. Ate a good, artery-clogging, down-home breakfast washed down with some blackberry pie and coffee and then headed back home.

This is runway 27 Left on my home field as we were on a low final approach.


Any day you can fly is a good day.

Now it’s time for a Padron and some cold IPA brews and maybe a few chapters of Steven Hunter or Lee Child.  The boss is away at a soccer tournament with the girl-child, so I can sit around and drink beer, smoke cigars and scratch myself.



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