Memorial Day

It’s not just a day for cookouts and beer – remember those who have fallen while fighting to give you the freedom to enjoy those things.

The purpose is not only to get a three-day weekend to go camping, fishing, biking, hiking or relaxing – but it’s good to do those things today because many have given their lives in order to secure those freedoms for us.

Nothing wrong with enjoying the good things in life on this day, and in fact, those who fought for your freedoms were fighting for that too.

And Memorial Day is not a day to thank the veterans among you for their service – there is a day for that in November

While you are enjoying the company of your loved ones and savoring that burger and cold beer today, just take a moment to stop and remember the men and women who went far from home, far from loved ones and all they knew, to make sure our flag still flies.

I had a good cigar and a bourbon today.  I enjoyed them.  But while I did, I thought about my brothers who didn’t come home.  And I thought about guys like Rybs and Beardsley, that did make it home only to die later because of some shit they got exposed to over there.

I took the picture below today.  That’s not my bourbon and cigar.  It’s theirs.

Absent Companions…


One Response to “Memorial Day”

  1. T.S. Nunya Says:

    Damn you! Now that I’ve drooled over the picture, I’m going to have go find some place that sells good cigars and whiskey. I wonder if I can get real Cubans here…

    Tough being in Korea over Memorial Day weekend. This is a country that openly resents the Americans who defend it, but are powerless when North Korea torpedoes their ship and kills 46 sailors.

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