Wolf Ammo

I have always shunned Wolf ammo.  For a lot of years I have heard/read/assumed that steel cases would be very tough on your extractor & ejector.

Another reason I have stayed away from it is that a lot of it is coated with that green “lacquer.”  Again, I have always heard/read/assumed that the high temperatures in the chamber would soften and “melt” the lacquer into a nasty goo that would foul the chamber and cause failures to feed and failures to extract.

And lastly, it’s commie stuff (ptooie!).

Today I read this post from Unc about a guy who ran 15,000 rounds of Wolf ammo through his AR (without cleaning it!) before he had any major problems.  Follow the link(s) and you can see pictures and descriptions.

Now, considering that for most folks 15,000 rounds would likely be the upper limit for the lifetime of a gun, and given the relatively “cheap” prices on Wolf ammo, maybe I ought to reconsider it, at least for plinking and pigs?


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One Response to “Wolf Ammo”

  1. JoanneW Says:

    I recently bought 1000 rounds of .223 and wasted a day going to the range where they wouldn’t let me shoot the ammo. In California any ferrous content in the projectile and you cannot shoot it! They confiscate the ammo until you leave. I checked the website and the dealer’s website and there’s this mealy mouthed, intentional misrepresentation of the ammo. “Bi-metal”. It is actually steel jacket with copper plating. Why not say it? Because I would not have bought it if they did. Whether or not the ammo is good quality or great value, I don’t like being intentionally misled, or lied to. The dealer claims they don’t do anything but use the manufacturer’s marketing info, thus avoiding (they think) responsibility for mis-representing the product. It is a delicate legal dance to claim that this is truly “misrepresentation”, since they do not state anything about the content that is specific. If it said solid gold or depleted uranium and it was not, then there’d be a case. And this is my point. They know what they are doing and do it to mislead!

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