Are Locusts Next?

At first I thought it was a plague – every night we got 2 or 3 frogs in the pool.  Been here 10 years and never had that before.  Maybe one here and there – every once in a while – but not a nightly frog pool-party.

It wasn’t a big deal, they’d swim around a while and then be gone in the morning.

Matter of fact, some nights when we had the windows/doors open, through the screens you could actually hear them plop into the pool.

So could the dog.  You remember the dog from this story?

Well, we ain’t got no stinkin’ frogs no more.


Shithead the wonder-pup took care of them for us.

First he killed off all the chipmunks in the yard.

Last year we watched him eat two baby bunnies before we could stop him (they’re crunchy, by the way).

Now the frogs are extinct.

He brought the last one to Mrs. Lowe last night.  At the dinner table.  In pieces.



5 Responses to “Are Locusts Next?”

  1. T.S. Nunya Says:

    My old weimaraner was the best dog ever. I’m glad Shithead the Wonder Pup is keeping the tradition alive.

  2. Joe Says:

    We had one when I was a kid and he was an awesome dog. My parents have one know and there are no pest animals in their neighborhood. Go figure.

  3. curtislowe Says:

    Nunya – I didn’t know you had a Weimaraner – you either Joe. I actually do like him. He “talks” more than any dog I’ve ever seen – I guess that’s a Weimaraner trait.

    His real name is Remy – short for “Remington” – imagine that.

  4. T.S. Nunya Says:

    My family has probably had half a dozen weimaraners, but only one of ’em was mine.

    People used to stop me and tell me that weimaraners are an intelligent breed. I’d say, “Not mine. He just rolls in poop and chases skunks.”

    Weirdest rabbit kill by my weimaraner: he chased it in a circle until the rabbit dropped dead.

  5. curtislowe Says:

    That’s freakin’ hilarious.

    Yeah-mine rolls in poop too – don’t get it.

    he will sit looking out the window ALL DAY LONG waiting to see one squirrel or rabbit – keeps him occupied I guess.

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