August E-Postal Match Results

I left the match open a couple extra days in case we had any stragglers.  Not as many entries this year as in the past.  Maybe I need to make it more interesting.  Thanks to those who shot and entered.

Looks like Billll was the guy to beat this year…

Update: Mr. Completely with the late entry took honors in Class II pistiol with a 69.  (Yeah he was late, but hey, it’s his gig!).

Handgun Class I: Rimfire/Iron Sights Score Yds
Eric C. Ruger MKII, .22 LR 45 5
Billll Ruger MKI, .22LR 59 5
True Blue Sam Ruger Single Six, .22LR 5.5″ Bbl 42 5
CurtisLowe Ruger MKII, .22 LR. 5.5″ Bbl 56 5
  Class II: Rimfire/Optics Score Yds
Billll Ruger MkIII, .22LR scoped 42 5
 Mr. Completely  High Standard .22  69  5
  Class III: Cntrfire/Iron Sights Score Yds
Billll .357 Rossi Revolver 50 5
Billll CZ-82, 9 X 18 41 5
Curtis Lowe Wilson Combat 1911, .45 acp 4″ Bbl 46 5
Curtis Lowe S&W 629 .44 spl 5″ Bbl 36 5
Rifle Class II: Rimfire/Optics Score Yds
Danno Ruger 10/22 w/3x scope 160 50
  Class IV: Centerfire/Optics Score Yds
Billll Hi Point Carbine, .40 S&W 80 20

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3 Responses to “August E-Postal Match Results”

  1. True Blue Sam Says:

    What happened to Merle? He usually enters multiple times.

  2. curtislowe Says:


    I don’t know – I never heard from him…

  3. Laughingdog Says:

    One of these days I’ll actually remember to photograph and email in a target after shooting it. I think this is the third one in a row where I forgot about it after getting home.

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