It’s all about the symbol…

So the democrats rolled out a new symbol/totem/idol yesterday – it was such big news I missed it.

What is it with democrats socialists and their symbols?  It’s like they need them to convince themselves of their own relevance or importance or something.

Remember these?







Well, here is their latest iteration:




This guy says they stole it from here.

Deweys logo 1.jpg


Hell, I believe it.  That’s what they do.  That pizza chain didn’t NEED that logo.  The democrats appropriated it for someone who needed it more.  Kind of like they do with my paycheck.

Michelle Malkin says take the acorn symbol (there’s another one!) and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise:


Hmmm.  She may have something there.

First thing I thought of when I saw it was “DO.”  As in D’oh!


Then I thought, no that can’t be it, how about “OD?”


odiegarfield68728463604.jpg border=0


Apparently I’m not the only one… “Yerrr despicable…”


Someone in comments there mentioned maybe it was their mid-term report card?

Or, maybe it’s the “Down” button from an elevator?


Actually looks somewhat like a rip-off of this:

Right Network Logo


Seriously though, when I realized they were going to be putting them on t-shirts and wearing them around…



I thought of this Far Side comic:

They’re makin’ it easy…



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3 Responses to “It’s all about the symbol…”

  1. stevec Says:

    Yep, the Far Side idea is what first came to mind for me. As in “go ahead and paint a target on your chest for the voters to aim at…”

  2. stevec Says:

    The “obama…sign of progress” poster isn’t so much a symbol as it is the view that the media have of teh one just prior to insertion.

  3. anon Says:

    Top left, Hotel Derek’s logo.

    Would be the exact same thing in a black and white shot.

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