Carry your Toolbox!

The 1911 Pistol Is Its Own Toolbox!

By John L. Marshall

“It’s pretty well agreed that one of the top firearms inventors of the 20th Century was John Moses Browning.  One of his finest creations was the U.S. Pistol, Model of 1911…

Less generally known is that Browning designed many parts of the 1911 pistol to be used as tools in its own disassembly and assembly. Even the .45 ACP cartridge itself could be used for work on the gun!”

Cool stuff.  I knew some of these tricks, but not all.  Go RTWT.



3 Responses to “Carry your Toolbox!”

  1. T.S. Nunya Says:

    Wow. Cool stuff.

  2. Joe Says:

    Yeah, When I got my first 1911 I was at DLI for Thai with a bunch of SF guys. I brought it to class cause 2 were gun men and helped me put on all the toys I got for it. In doing so, they taught me how it was built as its own tool. Fascinating stuff.

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