Pilot’s Post #4,991

First, there are two things you should know before reading this Pilot’s Post:

1. “ORD” is the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) designation for Chicago O’Hare Airport.

2. The expression "balls to the wall" has nothing to do with the male anatomy, but refers to the ball-shaped knobs on the ends of aircraft throttle controls, and all the way forward (to the firewall) means full throttle

Radio chatter overheard at ORD:

ORD Approach: "United 143 best forward speed to the marker, you are number one for landing runway one four right."

United 143 (male pilot): "Roger, balls to the wall."

ORD Approach: "American 245, you’re number two behind United 143, a 737, follow him, cleared visual, at your best forward speed."

American 245 (female pilot): "Well, I can’t do balls to the wall, but I can go wide open."

-Radio silence-

Unknown male Pilot: "Is American hiring?"



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