Movin’ to Utah

Always had a spot in my heart for Texas – no shit-takers in their history.  That and my family lives there.  But, I am re-thinking my retirement plans.  Any state that [a] picks a “State Gun,” and [b] picks the John Moses Browning (PBUH) – designed 1911 to be their state gun – they get my vote…

Utah lawmakers propose M1911 as Official State Gun.

State lawmakers are debating whether to designate a semiautomatic pistol as the official gun of Utah ….The bill to make the Browning M1911 the official gun breezed through a committee hearing this week and is scheduled to be debated by the full House as early as Wednesday.

[T]he state should have the gun as one of its state symbols to honor John [Moses] Browning, a Utah native who invented it in 1911.


How cool is that?




5 Responses to “Movin’ to Utah”

  1. stevec Says:

    Check this out:

    Background: In 1986 an amendment called “The Hughes Amendment” was allegedly attached to wider firearms legislation in The House and passed. This amendment made unlawful the private ownership of machine guns manufactured after 1986.

    Today, you can own a machine gun, but the Hughes Amendment, H.A.#777, effectively created a “sinking stock” of such weapons that will eventually dwindle to zero as they wear out. Hundreds of people have been convicted of violating this law since, some when their weapons have malfunctioned rather than being intentionally modified.

    There’s a problem with this law, however. It appears that the amendment was never actually passed.

    Full text here:

  2. stevec Says:

    Of course, if you did move to Utah, you’d have to do your part to keep the state #1 in it’s category from the map you posted below…

  3. stevec Says:

    Seriously, you’ve got nothing to say Curtis?

  4. curtislowe Says:

    My moving to Utah would increase their claim to fame and decrease my current state’s…:0

    • T.S. Nunya Says:

      They might have a gun-friendly attitude, but they’re still fairly hostile to alcohol. That means I can’t live there.

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