This is my line in the sand…

or one of them anyway – it seems like there are more every day…

From Fox News: Homeland Security Considering Portable, Instant DNA Scanners

A portable, breadbox-sized scanner could map out your body’s DNA in less than an hour — and the Feds want it added to the agency’s tool bag.

A portion of the genome map -- the information stored in an organism's DNA -- of maize, carefully decoded by scientists. A new handheld DNA scanner may be able to analyze human DNA in under an hour -- but how will it be used?

They already have my fingerprints from the day I enlisted and from my FBI background check for a top-secret clearance – as well as from several concealed carry permit applications in several states.

They have pawed through my private person, papers and effects and have questioned me about the nature, purpose and timing of my travels overseas.

They have x-rayed me, back-scattered me, wanded me, patted me down and looked at my naughty bits on that new-fangled porno-matic scanner. 

If all that ain’t enough to tell them I’m one of the good guys, then fuck ‘em.

If it comes to this I will never fly commercially again.  And since my job is international in nature and requires quite a bit of travel, I guess I’ll be looking for a different line of work.

Enough is enough, Goddammit.


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