This is way better than Two and a Half Men…

From Fox News:


Charlie Sheen climbed to the top of a building in Beverly Hills on Monday, pulled out a huge machete, and paraphrased Martin Luther King, Jr.

Waving the machete and drinking a bottle of what he said was tiger blood, Sheen yelled "Free at last … free at last!"

Sheen, chain smoking cigarettes (and even smoking through his right nostril at one point), his head bobbing in and out, explained the reason behind his livestream, saying "People need to hear my gold as it rolls out, not as its disappearing like so many magicians’ rabbits."

He launched the live web series on Saturday with a rambling monologue in which he discussed winning, showed several photos of cats and dogs fighting, said he was going to take a phone call from the president, declared he had the "boogers of a seven-year-old" and referred to either himself or the show as a "movement."

Live Streaming Implosion in 3, 2, 1…


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