Presidentin’s hard!

Patients wait to be rescued from a hospital where there is no electricity or medicine in Otsuchi town in Iwate Prefecture after the magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck the area March 13, 2011.

Meanwhile: President Obama just could not wait for spring weather to arrive.  For the second week in a row, the most powerful man in the world stepped away from the White House to hit the golf course.


And: In Ajdabiya, forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi routed a ragtag army of insurgents and would-be revolutionaries holding the last defensive line before the rebel capital of Benghazi.

Meanwhile: Obama gets laughs at first Gridiron Club dinner as president.  How exciting, the president told the 650 guests at the downtown Renaissance Hotel, to be meeting at a time when great change is sweeping the world


And: Latest Border Gunfire in Texas Targeting Four U.S. Workers Proves Violence ‘Getting Worse,’ Authorities Say

Meanwhile: President Barack Obama, right, holds up his championship ring, during a ceremony to honor the 2009-2010 NHL Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks in the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Friday, March, 11, 2011.


And: Second containment vessel in Japanese reactors may be ruptured.

Meanwhile: President Obama has selected his Final Four picks for the NCAA tournament. He’s predicting Duke, Kansas, Ohio State and Pittsburgh for the men’s tournament, which he’s unveiling on ESPN .


Meanwhile: The Obama family will also take in the sights in Rio. A trip to Corcovado mountain, where the Christ the Redeemer statue stands (France gave us Lady Liberty, gave Brazil Jesus) is supposedly on the itinerary. What trip to Rio would be complete without it?


Meanwhile: President Obama releases his Anti-Bullying Campaign on YouTube.

Meanwhile…Somebody give that boy a fiddle.




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