From The Cable:

USAID Chief: GOP Budget Would Kill 70,000 Children…

As Congress struggles to negotiate a budget deal to keep the government running, the head of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) told lawmakers Wednesday that the GOP version of the budget bill would result in the deaths of at least 70,000 children who depend on American food and health assistance around the world.

Lookit this doosh…

“Of that 70,000, 30,000 would come from malaria control programs that would have to be scaled back specifically. The other 40,000 is broken out as 24,000 would die because of a lack of support for immunizations and other investments and 16,000 would be because of a lack of skilled attendants at birth,” he said.

Firstly:  I am sick and Goddamn tired of liberals throwing the “Cheeeldren” card on the table every time one of their precious little programs is threatened.  Those children grow up into the adults that protest every thing we do around the globe.

Secondly:  Lemme get this straight…we paid $363.3 million to fund 332,278 abortions in this country in 2009 but we have to pay to keep kids alive in other countries???

Thirdly:  Malaria control!?!?!? Really? As in DDT? Which do-gooder assholes like you got banned in the 1970s and subsequently millions of people across Africa have died of….You guessed it – malaria…

Lastly: Exactly how are those 70,000 children OUR responsibility, Jackass?



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One Response to “Huh???”

  1. Joe Says:

    Can we start with eliminating this jackass?

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