Quote of The Day

“The only way to minimize your environmental “impact” is not to be born. Any other option, including your mother exercising her right to “choose” after you have been conceived, will see you have some “impact.” Every breath you take is an “impact” on the environment, even those breaths you take in the womb. Even stronger, in order to live you must have food, which means you must kill. To live is to kill: your life necessarily causes the death of many. Thus, the longer you live, the more “impact” you will have. Given that you are not dead now, the only possible way to minimize your future “impact” is to fall upon your sword forthwith, taking care to tumble naked into a hand-dug shallow grave far from any water shed. There is no other choice—except that a sword may be swapped with a sturdy sharp stick.”

William M. Briggs on The Impossibility Of Minimizing Your Environmental “Impact”


4 Responses to “Quote of The Day”

  1. T.S. Nunya Says:

    Before offing yourself, I think the eco-friendly thing to do would be to toss some old coffee grounds, egg shells, dog poop, etc. into your shallow grave so it becomes a compost heap.

  2. stevec Says:

    hey Nunya, you could set yourself up as undertaker to the eco-nuts!

  3. stevec Says:

    or you could set up Soylent Green Cemeteries…

  4. stevec Says:

    or produce the next reality tv hit: Grandpa Logan’s Run

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