Wow, Now I am officially old…

The Huey is no more…

The last Hueys have been retired by the Army and the Marines, so an iconic airframe passes into history with little fanfair, other than military ceremonies…

The few Hueys I rode in when I was in the Corps were older than me even back then…I think the CH-46s were too…Shit, I’m old…


4 Responses to “Wow, Now I am officially old…”

  1. T.S. Nunya Says:

    Even back when we served, Hueys were kinda rare. I thought they were already gone.

    We also saw the switch from jeeps to hummers, M16A1s to A2s and Colt 1911s to Berettas.

  2. Joe Says:

    The only time I flew in Hueys was when I was in Korea flying with the Army. Never flew a Marine Corps one. Don’t forget the old Deuce and 1/2 and Five ton trucks swapped out for the 9xx series trucks. The demise of the Gamma Goat and the mule. Yet we still kept having stupid 2nd lt’s .

  3. Wirecutter Says:

    I feel ya, man.
    An icon is gone.

  4. thehawkreturns Says:

    Still flying in the Royal New Zealand Air Force.
    Since we don’t have any military jets they are now designated
    “fighter aircraft” I guess…

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