Where’s Curtis?

I took this picture from my hotel the other night.  Whichever of you Jarhead readers is the first to correctly guesses where I am, (city included) gets a free beer on me at the reunion (yeah – that’s just what you’ll need at the reunion – another beer).  If you’re a non-Jarhead reader, then I guess it’s just for bragging rights…




9 Responses to “Where’s Curtis?”

  1. IamWhoIam Says:


    • curtislowe Says:

      And IamWholam is the first overall correct responsdent and therefore has braging rights for the next 11 days until my next trip when we’ll play again…

  2. T.S. Nunya Says:


  3. stevec Says:

    crap. I need to check this site more often. you never said there’d be free beer!

  4. stevec Says:

    I’ll buy you a beer if you can start another riot while you’re there

  5. T.S. Nunya Says:

    I’m with Steve. Riot and I’ll buy you a beer.

  6. Follow up post « Curtis Lowe Says:

    […] Curtis Lowe Yeah, I have a permit to carry this. It’s called the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. « Where’s Curtis? […]

  7. stevec Says:

    If you get tear-gassed, you drink for free at the reunion…

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