From Yahoo News

I would also give a random part of my anatomy to do this!  I gotta quit Googling flying stuff or I’ll give up all my body parts just to try stuff like this!

Clock the pic for more pics.


Yves Rossy, known as the Jetman, jumps from a helicopter before a successful flight over Rio de Janiero



3 Responses to “HFS!”

  1. T.S. Nunya Says:

    Make sure you wear a helmet cam…

  2. Joe Says:

    I’d crash into the side of a mountain less than 1 minute after launch.

  3. stevec Says:

    I want one! Jumping off the roof with an umbrella was just training Mom. As was my attempt to build a hang glider out of pvc pipe and old sheets.

    Combine this thing with the Batsuit, and I’d be unstoppable!

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