Houston, we have a problem…

Successful launch of Son#2’s “Mongoose” rocket last weekend…


Unfortunately the recovery phase of the operation didn’t go as well…

There was about a 2-second, unplanned delay between the first and second stage engines.

By the time the second stage engine kicked in the rocket had begun to tip over slightly past horizontal and that Sumbitch took off like a scalded cat due west on a downward trajectory.

I yelled “incoming” and ran for the truck…I heard it hit a house or a car or something but I didn’t stick around waiting for the cops, I was burning rubber.

Good thing Son#2 kept up with me (almost). He was able to make a Dukes of Hazzard flying leap into the bed of the truck as I was leaving the parking lot.

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3 Responses to “Houston, we have a problem…”

  1. stevec Says:

    Next time, use a piece of PVC pipe to aim it. Instant bazooka.

  2. That Guy Says:

    I don’t know how many rockets I lost the same way when I was younger. 2 Stages really never worked that well for me.

    • curtislowe Says:

      Yep, I think we are going to stick with single stage rockets from now on…his buddy had about 7 or 8 launches of single stagers and recovered every one.

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