There’s passing a treaty, and then there’s enforcing it…

From Fox News:

UN arms treaty could put U.S. gun owners in foreign sights, say critics

UNITED NATIONS – A treaty being hammered out this month at the United Nations — with Iran playing a key role –could expose the records of America’s gun owners to foreign governments –and, critics warn, eventually put the Second Amendment on global trial.

Bring it.

International talks in New York are going on throughout July on the final wording of the so-called Arms Trade Treaty, which supporters such as Amnesty International USA say would rein in unregulated weapons that kill an estimated 1,500 people daily around the world.

But critics, including the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre, warn the treaty would mark a major step toward the eventual erosion of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment gun-ownership rights…

Aaaaaand now for the money quote:

U.S. gun lobby concern focuses on the emphasis the treaty places on governmental –as opposed to individual –rights to guns, LaPierre explained.

OK, one more time, slowly, for you retards in the UN…gubmints do not have RIGHTS…Gubmints have powers which are (theoretically) limited by pesky little things like constitutions.

PEOPLE have RIGHTS, which are enumerated, but not granted by, pesky little things like constitutions..

This means, you morons, that you can pass all the treaties you want, but the rights of free men, granted to them by their God, and theirs by virtue of merely being alive, will not cease to exist simply because you put some words on a piece of paper.

“They’re trying to impose a UN policy that gives guns to the governments –but the UN doesn’t in turn make moral judgments as to whether these governments are good or bad,” he said. “If you’re the government, you get the guns, if you’re a civilian, you don’t. But this will just end up helping evil governments and tyrants.”

For LaPierre, the emphasis he sees at the UN on governmental rights reflects what he believes is a wider international tradition that contrasts with the historical American emphasis on individual rights.

“The UN view is that governments –not individual citizens –ought to protect people,” he said, signaling that this principle permeates the draft that negotiators are currently working with.

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4 Responses to “There’s passing a treaty, and then there’s enforcing it…”

  1. stevec Says:

    According to John Roberts, they cannot prevent you from owning a gun, but they can tax you ad infinitum for owning one.

    Quit yer bitchin’ it’s for the chilluns.

  2. Joe Says:

    All I have to say is, If a blue helmeted goon comes to my house for my weapons, he will get each round delivered personally, one by one. I have lots of rounds, they better bring lots of UN enforcers.

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