Why isn’t this front page news?

From the Columbus Dispatch

AURORA, COLO. —The psychiatrist who treated suspected movie-theater shooter James Holmes contacted a University of Colorado police officer to express concerns about Holmes’ behavior several weeks before the rampage, ABC News reported, citing unnamed sources.

The sources did not know what the officer approached by Dr. Lynne Fenton did with the information she passed along, ABC said in a report late Monday on its website.

Under Colorado law, a psychiatrist can legally breach a pledge of confidentiality with a patient after becoming aware of a serious and imminent threat that the patient might cause harm to others, ABC said. Psychiatrists also can breach confidentiality if a court has ordered them to do so.

University spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery declined to comment on what, if anything, the university police officer might have done with information provided by Fenton.

So, the gun laws worked exactly the way they were supposed to the liberals demanded (he was legally permitted to purchase firearms)…the psychiatrist did what she was supposed to do, with plenty of time to spare, but a public employee, sworn to protect the safety of citizens, did nothing and people died.

And of course the cries from the left immediately after the shooting, all the way up the chain, were for more reviews of existing laws (read more gun control).

The government apparatus dropped the ball on this one.  That doesn’t give anyone the right to use this tragedy as a call to further infringe my rights.

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2 Responses to “Why isn’t this front page news?”

  1. John Thomas Says:

    A law that wasn’t followed — besides the law against murder.
    Well, after this revelation, I’m certainly more open to the suggestion of Senator Chuck Tumor and others that more and more complicated laws would have prevented the tragedy in Aurora. [/sarcasm]
    You know, tragedy isn’t such a bad word to use here, because Greek tragedies were the result of a fatal flaw in a human, usually hubris, or overweeing pride and a belief in one’s power. Hubris certainly describes the belief that Leftists have in the power of more, more complicated, and more intrusive laws to bring their vision of perfection to the world.

  2. Joe Says:

    Whomever the psychiatrist talked to needs to be stood up against a wall, and all family members of the victims gets a free shot.

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