Jeff Cooper QOTD

“We find it perplexing that there are people who do not realize that a right may be neither granted nor withdrawn by the State. If the Bill of Rights were repealed, the right to keep and bear arms would still exist, since it was to defend that right that the Constitution was established. (See the Declaration of Independence.) Thus the state may destroy me, but it may not rescind my right to self-defense. This all seems pretty clear, but frequently I find people who do not understand it.” – Jeff Cooper

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4 Responses to “Jeff Cooper QOTD”

  1. guffaw1952 Says:


  2. Joe Says:


  3. stevec Says:

    What part of “endowed by their Creator” is too difficult for government types to understand?

  4. Windy Wilson Says:

    When the government is the creator, they read it as
    “endowed by Me/Their governments”.

    This is why I am waiting for the opportune time with my Sil who dislikes Christianity because it made her feel bad for not going to church when she was in college — wait until her muslim neighbors start feeling their oats, and it isn’t some far off thing that never appears on the tv/her consciousness. I will tell her that we want our rights to come from an imaginary friend because it is harder to eliminate those rights merely because they become inconvenient for the ruling powers. When your rights come from God they have to work a little harder to explain how those rights no longer exist.

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