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RIP Big Man…

June 20, 2011


I got a shotgun, a rifle and a 4-wheel drive…

April 24, 2011

and a country boy can survive.

What’s that?

October 10, 2010

Sounds like someone moaning!



Fat Man in the Bathtub…



Let’s start the day with some John Hiatt…

October 3, 2010

Today’s WTF?!?!?!

September 30, 2010

That frickin’ drummer kills me.


September 21, 2010

The guy who inspired the name of one of my top 3 bands of all time has died:

Lynyrd Skynyrd inspiration dies in north Florida

Leonard Skinner, the basketball coach and gym teacher who inspired the name of the Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, died Monday in Florida, his daughter said. He was 77.

Hope they play this one at my funeral.  From the album “Pronounced”

hat tip


September 13, 2010

Holy Crap!!!  I always liked Steely Dan, but now I believe that Donald Fagan and Walter Becker were absolutely prescient…

I was going through some old LPs (yeah, I know, I’m old) and came across my first Steely Dan album, Pretzel Logic.

On that album is a song that they wrote for Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, fully 35 years before he became president.

Or you can read the full lyrics here.

I repeat:  Holy Crap!!!

John Lee Hooker & Van Morrison – Gloria

September 2, 2010



August 31, 2010

Fat Man In The Bathtub

March 10, 2010

Kaint hardly post for travellin’ 

From “Waiting For Columbus” – I hear you moan…