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December 18, 2012

Come and take them Motherfuckers


July 19, 2012

From Fox News

UN gun control treaty will reveal gun laws Obama really supports

Sometime later this week, the UN will finally unveil its Arms Trade Treaty. The exact date the treaty will be released is a secret.

Are they so afraid of the reaction that they are keeping even the date of release a secret?

Russia, China, France — with its new Socialist government — Britain and the Obama administration are writing the treaty behind closed doors. Yet even if the final treaty is being kept under wraps, we still have a pretty good idea of some of the requirements that will be in it.

This should be interesting…if the Obama administration is helping to write the treaty, it will pretty difficult to disavow their knowledge or support of what is surely going to be a draconian clamp down on private gun ownership.  All during an election cycle…pass the popcorn.

The group writing the treaty is not promising. Russia and Britain ban handguns and many other types of weapons. The possession of guns for self-defense is completely prohibited in China.

And these are such shining examples of countries where there subjects citizens enjoy personal freedom, liberty and no corruption…

The Obama administration is undoubtedly the most hostile administration to gun ownership in US history, with Obama having personally supported bans of handguns and semi-automatic weapons before becoming president…

No shit, wait til he gets reelected…

The treaty seems unlikely to ever receive the two-thirds majority necessary to be ratified by the US Senate, but that doesn’t mean it still won’t have consequences for Americans. In other countries with parliamentary systems, even if the relatively conservative parties oppose approval, ratification is just a matter of time until a left-wing government takes power.

Reduced private gun ownership around the world will surely lead to more pressure for gun control in our own country.

The treaty officially aims to prevent rebels and terrorist groups from getting hold of guns.

Bullshit – the treaty aims to make sure that governments are the only entities that possess small arms…that makes it so much easier to quiet dissent and make people disappear…

The treaty claims that at least 250,000 people die each year from armed conflicts (most of them killed by their own governments because they didn’t have the means to defend themselves – how ironical) and that the vast majority of deaths arise from so-called “small arms” — machine guns, rifles, and handguns (wielded by government employees).

Two words for you UN Assholes:  ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

Read the while thing here if you have 5 minutes to waste.


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Keep poking that tiger, Gubmint

July 10, 2012

From Gizmodo (courtesy of a fellow Jarhead):

Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away

Within the next year or two, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will instantly know everything about your body, clothes, and luggage with a new laser-based molecular scanner fired from 164 feet (50 meters) away. From traces of drugs or gun powder on your clothes to what you had for breakfast to the adrenaline level in your body—agents will be able to get any information they want without even touching you.

And without you knowing it….

Their plan is to install this molecular-level scanning in airports and border crossings all across the United States. The official, stated goal of this arrangement is to be able to quickly identify explosives, dangerous chemicals, or bioweapons at a distance.

The machine is ten million times faster—and one million times more sensitive—than any currently available system. That means that it can be used systematically on everyone passing through airport security, not just suspect or randomly sampled people.

But the machine can sniff out a lot more than just explosives, chemicals and bioweapons. The company that invented it, Genia Photonics, says that its laser scanner technology is able to "penetrate clothing and many other organic materials and offers spectroscopic information, especially for materials that impact safety such as explosives and pharmacological substances."

read the rest here:

“One of these days the talking will be over and the citizenry of the United States will decide whether to remain free…” – Someone more quotable than me…

“More and more, I suspect I will die an Outlaw…You can put that title on my tombstone – right next to ‘Marine’…” – Me.

Send Lawyers Guns and Money…

April 12, 2012

Yeah, I love Warren Zevon, but I couldn’t find one of his videos that didn’t start with those annoying commercials…plus Hank Jr. does a great job on this cover…

Hell, that’s an easy one…

April 12, 2012

From Fox News:

Marines fight to protect crosses at Camp Pendleton as atheist groups seek removal
Read more:

You want the crosses Atheists?

Two Words: ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!

The Experts Agree…

May 17, 2011


WTF’in F?

May 15, 2011

From the

Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home

Overturning a common law dating back to the English Magna Carta of 1215, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Hoosiers have no right to resist unlawful police entry into their homes.

In a 3-2 decision, Justice Steven David writing for the court said if a police officer wants to enter a home for any reason or no reason at all, a homeowner cannot do anything to block the officer’s entry.

Well, I don’t know about the Bizarro world you live in Skippy, but:

1) I think you are confusing the word “cannot” with the term “may not,” because I know one or two things I can and will do if an agent of the government illegally tries to enter my home by force.  We settled that one with a war 235 years ago.

2) If you people keep abusing the “authority” of your office and persist in acting as though all the protections enumerated in the constitution don’t exist…then through a self-fulfilling prophesy, someday they won’t exist – and you are the very people that will be the most sorry about that.

3) I once swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same.  I don’t recall being released from that oath.

4) One of these days the talking will be over and the citizenry of the United States will decide whether or not to remain free.

5) ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ you Puke.


January 22, 2011

Exercise your first amendment rights…lose your second amendment rights.

Tam says it better than I can…

Try that shit here.


They Ain’t Gettin’ It…

December 16, 2010

It is amazing to me, even as cynical as I am at this point in my life, that the assholes in DC can really be this obtuse.  They didn’t get the message last November and they can’t even take a lesson from what is happening across the pond in Athens, Rome, Paris and London.

And I love how the newspapers call these criminals “anti-austerity protestors.”  News flash:  They aren’t anti-“austerity” you dumbasses, they are anti-“if-you-take-away-my-free-shit-I’m-gonna-burn-your-shit-protestors.”

Keep feeding the bears Congress.  Wait and see what happens when you run out of people to steal from and you can no longer feed them.  Oh yeah – you don’t have to wait…

Coming to a street corner near you:

A Molotov cocktail explodes among a group of riot police during demonstrations over austerity measures in Athens yesterday

Slippery Slope Much?

November 24, 2010

Next step for body scanners could be trains, boats, metro

The next step in tightened security could be on U.S. public transportation, trains and boats.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says terrorists will continue to look for U.S. vulnerabilities, making tighter security standards necessary.

“[Terrorists] are going to continue to probe the system and try to find a way through,” Napolitano said in an interview that aired Monday night on "Charlie Rose."

“I think the tighter we get on aviation, we have to also be thinking now about going on to mass transit or to trains or maritime. So, what do we need to be doing to strengthen our protections there?”

One of these days the talking will be over and the citizens of the United States will decide whether or not to remain free.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
– Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.