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Quote of The Day 08-12-12

August 12, 2012

There are only two kinds of people who understand Marines: Marines and the enemy.  Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.” – Unknown

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July 10, 2012



It’s a Marine thing…

June 8, 2012


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Very Cool

May 29, 2012

Marines May Soon Carry Solar Backpacks

Where were all the cool toys when I was in?

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Today in History

April 27, 2012

Marine Lt. Presley O’Bannon raised the American flag over Derna, Tripoli

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April 26, 2012

Many moons ago on this date, April 26, I left for Parris Island to earn the title.  Still wear it proudly.  Best decision I ever made.

Semper Fi

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DDG 109

November 17, 2010

ATLANTIC OCEAN (May 20, 2010) The Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) Jason Dunham (DDG 109) conducts sea trials in the Atlantic Ocean. Jason Dunham successfully completed a combined builder’s and acceptance "super trial" during four days at sea. The ship is in Ft. Lauderdale for her commissioning on Nov. 13. The ship is named after U.S. Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham, who was mortally wounded by insurgents in Iraq in April 2004 and posthumously received the Medal of Honor January 11, 2007.

(Photo courtesy of General Dynamics Bath Iron Works)


Devil Dogs…

September 15, 2010

No better friend, no worse enemy:

“As soon as the first stack of [Marines] made our way into the bridge, their hands were up, their weapons were down, they moved to their knees and they were compliant,” Martin said.

“At that point, they were pretty scared. One guy actually defecated himself. … He shit his pants. I don’t know if that can go on the news or not, but that actually happened.”

That could make for a helluva new verse in the Marine Corps Hymn!!!


Boned Jello

The first wave of Marines from 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s maritime raid force approaches the cargo ship Magellan Star on Thursday in the Gulf of Aden. The ships’ crew said pirates boarded the vessel. (Photo by MC1 David McKee/U.S. Navy)

From The In-Box

June 10, 2010

To: Curtis Lowe

From: Curtis Lowe’s Mama

Date: 06-10-10

Subj: Best Marine Corps Poster Ever!!!



Well, I don’t know about “best” ever. But funniest?  Yeah.

Thanks Ma.

For all my brothers

May 27, 2010

(You know who you are).

Watch to the very end…it gets good starting at about 3:51…

Semper Fi.  That is all.