August e-Postal Handgun Match

I signed up early to host Mr. Completely’s August e-Postal handgun match, and here it is!

I got tired of looking for a good, fun targets that haven’t been used before, so I finally created my own.

This month, we are going on a North American Safari.  There are 3 targets to print with a total of 15 animals to bag on this hunt.

Right click the targets below to “save as” and then print them landscaped on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

August epostal 1

August epostal 2

August epostal 3

If you have any problems with the targets, e-mail me at curtislowe459 -AT- yahoo -DOT- com.




Handgun Class I: Rim fire with iron sights
Handgun Class II: Rim fire with optics
Handgun Class III: Center fire with iron sights
Handgun Class IV: Center fire with optics
Rifle Class I: Rim fire with iron sights
Rifle Class II: Rim fire with optics
Rifle Class III: Center fire with iron sights
Rifle Class IV: Center fire with optics

Not that I expect anyone to shoot this with a center fire rifle, but hey – you never know, my buddy Steve may break out his EoTech-equipped M1A….


Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged.


Set the targets no closer than 15 feet/5 yards or as close to that as your range allows.  One shot per animal. A hit anywhere on the animal scores 5 points.  A miss scores zero.

There are 15 animals on the 3 targets, so you can score a possible 75 points per entry.

Red dots are the “X” ring.  X’s will be used as tie-breakers.


Same rules as above, but set target no closer than 60feet/20yards.

Also, we’ll add one point for every 10 yards that you add to your distance.  So, each animal is worth 5 points at 20 yards, 6 points at 30 yards, 7 points at 40 yards, etc…

So, are you going to take a head shot and go for the X-ring on the turkey, or play it safe with a body shot?

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7 Responses to “August e-Postal Handgun Match”

  1. The e-Postal Matches at Traction Control Says:

    […] targets are up! Visit Curtis Lowes’ place for […]

  2. Free In Idaho! » Blog Archive » August e-Postal Is Up Says:

    […] August version of Mr Completely’s e-Postal Handgun Match is now up over at Curtis Lowe’s blog.  North American Animals, three targets, and rules for handguns AND rifles.  What’s not to […]

  3. Paladin Says:

    Hi Curtis,

    I trailed over here from Sailorcurts’s, looking for the Postal Match info. If I can get time to make it to the range this will be my first shoot to participate in. I was wondering if there are any restrictions on stance for rifle? Prone, offhand, bench, slings, etc.? I assume pistol is all two handed unless specified otherwise, but I ask regarding rifles because one of the ranges that I use requires bench use on the rifle range.

    I didn’t want to shoot my target from a sandbag, if everyone else was offhanding it.

    Thanks – Cool looking targets, btw 🙂

  4. curtislowe Says:



    I also assumed 2-handed hold for pistol. For rifles, I guess I figured most folks would bench rest for better accuracy, but if folks want to shoot offhand maybe they can just note that and we will see if it is a tie-breaker type issue?

  5. Merle Says:


    I have a question about Ruger convertibles.

    Does it count as a second gun if I switch cylinders & re-shoot the match?

    Thanks for hosting.


  6. curtislowe Says:


    Yes. Switch the cylinder, shoot again and enter twice!

    Thanks for coming by.


  7. Merle Says:


    OK, thank you! This doubles my potential entries!!!
    Now if only I don’t run out of colored ink for my printer….


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