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January 31, 2010

Freakin’ Roman Chariot Racing!



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Wow – $200 per Second!

January 30, 2010

Would you pay $1,000 for a gun you could only use for 5 seconds?

From Robb Allen:

In response to someone who wrote him asking about barrel life, Robb wrote:

Maths are hard, but I did some basic calculations. Granted, muzzle velocity is not constant through a barrel, it’s kind of interesting to think of how long the bullet stays in contact with the metal.

Looking at standard .223 mv’s, considering a 20" barrel

3,200 fps = 38,400 inches per second. 20" of barrel contacts the metal for .00052083 seconds. 10,000 rounds = 5.2083 seconds.

I’m sure I forgot to carry the two somewhere, but that’s pretty damned interesting.

Never really looked at it that way…I guess that means I only have about 3 minutes worth of shooty goodness in my safe.  Kinda sad to think about…


January 30, 2010

Every night when I drive home from work, I drive past a strip mall.

One of the businesses in the mall is a “Liberty Tax” place – where you can go get your taxes done on the spot.

For the past couple weeks they have had a long-haired, hippy-looking guy on the sidewalk wearing one of these:

He waves and smiles at everyone driving by.

First of all, I’d have to be pretty damn hard up to take that job – like “my kids are starving” hard up…because you just know guys like me are going to abuse you.  Seriously.

Second, that is just annoying as hell, to have to see that happy, waving dude every night on my way home after a hard day of work.

So, on about the third day of this crap, I started flipping him off.

Not just the casual “wave of the hand” flipping off – I mean slow the truck down, full pissed-off, leaning toward the passenger window, shaking my fist, extended digit, red in the face, mouthing “FU” kind of flipping-off.

Now, I drive a distinctive looking truck – not too many like it around.  And I tend to leave work about the same time every day.  And the road this guy is on is straight and long – suffice to say he can see me coming a long way off and he knows what’s about to happen.

The first few days of my antics, he just kept smiling and waving, holding his little arrow sign with the “Liberty Tax” and the phone number on it.

The next few days, when he saw me coming with the bird- flipping, he stopped waving and smiling…Just watched me drive by with a straight face.

A couple days ago, he started flipping me off!  I could tell when he saw me coming because he would kind of get ready – you know – turn and face my approach, take one hand off the sign, get his fist up in the air…then just as I was passing he’d give me finger.

So, the day before yesterday, when I was about a mile from the mall, I called the number on the sign and asked for the manager.  When he came on the line I said “Do you realize that your sign-waver is flipping people off !?!?!?”

He didn’t believe me.  I told him just go to the window and see for himself! 

About 20 seconds later, I passed Liberty Boy on the sidewalk and he gave me the ol’  one-finger-salute, big and proud with the same red-faced vigor that I’d been using.

Last night when I drove by the store there was a new girl in the costume.

Wherever They Go…

January 30, 2010

Wherever They Go

A Letter to Barack Obama

January 29, 2010

I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh any longer – several years ago every show started to sound like the last one – or maybe I just mellowed a little bit…Nah!  Not me.

But I found this video at Theo’s place and though I would share.

“You’re a process guy, but you’re not a leader.” Heh.

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Let Me Help…

January 29, 2010

Quote of The Day

January 29, 2010

“It was surreal to watch a politician announce his top priority is job creation, then spend the next hour listing class-warfare enemies. I hope people making less than $250k per year start hiring like crazy, because everyone with a higher income just became a hated enemy of the state. Why, if they work for a large corporation, they shouldn’t even have free speech rights!

It’s painful to listen to someone who wants to add nationalized banks to his collection of state-run car companies wax poetic about the power of entrepreneurs, then list all the ways he’s going to punish risk-taking and achievement. Anyone who successfully starts a business, and creates jobs through rising profits and expansion, will quickly become a member of the evil $250k Legion of Doom.”


Americans Are To Blame Once Again

January 25, 2010

From Fox News:

Italy’s top disaster official blasted the U.S.-led relief effort in Haiti as a “pathetic” failure

Oh, really?  Do you really want to play that freakin’ card, Pal?

OK, I’m game!

How many troops has Italy physically sent to Haiti?

How many state of the art hospital ships has Italy sent to Haiti free of charge?

How much water has Italy helped purify in Haiti free of charge?

How many Haiti-relief-specific web pages have the Italians set up?

How much food and water has Italy air-dropped into Haiti?

How many Italian Firefighters and search & rescue teams have been flown into Haiti?

How many Haitian orphans have been accepted into Italy?

How much spiritual help have Italian church groups offered the Catholic Haitians?

How many Italian doctors have been flown into Haiti?

How many Italian ex-presidents have volunteered to help in Haiti?

How much medicine has Italy delivered to Haiti?

How many Italian ex-presidents have made appeals to the public for help?

How much money has the Italian government sent to Haiti?

How many Italian artists organized fund-raisers for Haiti?

How many Haitian airports has Italy re-opened and managed?

How many temporary airfields has Italy built in Haiti?

How much Italian aid is reaching remote locations?

Go ahead, Google it!

Yeah, that’s what I thought, Guido – so STFU!



Periodic Table of the Smellements

January 25, 2010


Click to embiggen.

Yeah, I know, I am juvenile, puerile and an imbecile.  But admit it, you looked for “Fart” too, didn’t ya?

See the full size version here.

Pen Envy

January 25, 2010

Very cool…


Click the pic for website.

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